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At Aspire we specialise in the 11+ examination and common entrance examinations, however we do understand that parents often have other concerns regarding their child’s education.

Why should I have my child tutored?

The National Curriculum expects your child to achieve certain levels at the end of each key stage. Sadly not every child achieves these levels through day to day schooling; perhaps a child has learning or concentration issues, perhaps the teaching methods used in that particular school are not proving to be suitable for your child’s needs, or perhaps the class sizes are too large to allow the teacher to give each child the individual attention they need to ensure that they have grasped the subject thoroughly before moving on through the curriculum. If they have fallen behind they may be finding it extremely difficult to catch up again.

Some parents may simply feel that the school is not recognising or bringing out their child’s full potential. Or maybe you just want to give your child some extra support in the run up to examinations. Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

We understand that your child is an individual and as such, following an initial assessment, we will produce a carefully structured programme, which will be specifically tailored to suit your child’s individual needs. We start by ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the basics, creating a solid foundation to build upon. They will then able to quickly progress through the programme, gaining confidence and a strong personal sense of self-belief, as they successfully achieve each their goals.

You are integral to your child’s learning progress and development, and we offer you our full support and guidance throughout the programme should you require it.

When should I have my child tutored?

This really is dependent upon your child’s individual needs. If tutoring is required for the 11+ or Common Entrance Exams, we recommend 1-2-1 tutoring is carried out over a 24 month period on a weekly basis – 60 minute sessions. This allows the tutor to spend sufficient time on all subject areas; Mathematics, Non Verbal Reasoning, English and Verbal Reasoning, and allows a more relaxed approach to be adopted, with the work load spread over a longer period. Therefore the beginning of Year 4 is ideal. However some children may not need this amount of time or support, and tutoring need not commence until halfway through Year 4 or even at the start of Year 5.

More intensive courses of tuition can be arranged if necessary. It is never too late!

Our primary objectives will always be your child’s well-being and success. We achieve this through the dedication of our tutors, the quality of our resources and our personally structured programmes to give your child the top class education they deserve.

All our tutors have enhanced DBS checks. You can feel reassured knowing your children are in safe hands.

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September 16, 2020

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