A full programme of weekly 1-2-1 individual tutoring in which a variety of
resources are combined, to produce a comprehensive educational programme
tailored to suit your child’s individual needs.

Individual Masterclass

We often find that a child will be weaker in one of these subjects; Mathematics, Non Verbal Reasoning, English, Creative Writing and Verbal Reasoning. These classes are designed to address any issues your child may have with that particular subject. A dedicated 1-2-1 tutor will be assigned to your child to focus on that particular area of difficulty to ensure they feel confident and reassured and able to fulfil their potential in that subject area.

Gap Year

The 11+ has now being brought forward to September. Your child, having gained that coveted Grammar School or Independent school place has almost a full year before they will be attending secondary school. It is crucial to ensure that they maintain the high level of academic achievement they have worked so hard to attain. Therefore we have developed a course which will teach the topics they will be required to cover in their first year at secondary school in English, Mathematics and Sciences. This helps to allay some of the fears they may have regarding this very daunting experience, and gives them the confidence to go forward with the knowledge that they have a positive advantage over their peers.

All children moving from primary to secondary education will benefit enormously from this course. It will provide them with the best opportunity to obtain places in the coveted ‘top sets’ at their school of choice.

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